Guided tour and tasting of 6 wines, 25€ per person

Our guided tour usually starts at the part of the Winery where the stainless steel tanks are and ends up in the cave of the barrels, where Vinsanto, our natural sweet dessert wine from sun dried grapes has been aged for more than 14 years! At the same cave, there are monastery tables and wooden benches where the guests sit and enjoy 6 wines! We present each wine in detail. Also, as accompaniment to the wines we serve goat cheese from Naxos island and breadcrumbs. The guided tour at the winery and the tasting of 6 wines lasts for about an hour or more if the visitors have questions!! We charge a net price of 25€ per person.


Premium guided tour and tasting of 8-10 wines, 130€ per person

We provide a guided tour by one of our oenologists or by a sommelier and tasting of old yields and more recent as well, in order to compare them. As accompaniment to the wines we serve cold appetizers. The presentation
takes place in front of the wine cellar (you can find a photo attached). In this place we can host 1-6 people. This premium guided tour lasts two or two and half hours and it costs 130€ per person. It is better to book this option at least one day before.

All our visitors have the opportunity to learn about the grape varieties of Santorini, the wines, the vineyards and microclimate of the island, as well as the organic farming that we apply to all the vineyards that we cultivate.

For more information and for reservation contact us to the phone number +30 698 110 7180 or to the email

The cave

Hatzidakis Winery is located inside a cave under the Family vineyard where the Mavrotragano grape variety is cultivated. The main concern of Hatzidakis family was not to miss even one hectare of vineyard in case they built the Winery on the ground. Knowing that the grape quantities in Santorini are limited, and the needs for more tons are high, they decided to not uproot even one vine (premno, as they call it in Santorini). Moreover, the energy saving and the protection of the environment is something that the family is concerned a lot with. So, they decided to apply green (bioclimatic) building in the construction of the Winery following at the same time the traditional architecture of Santorini, that is, the underground buildings that were usually used as "canaves" (small family wineries). The Winery was designed and built in a cave according to the passive systems of coolness and heating. The naturally stable temperature throughout the whole year ensures the perfect conditions for the production and aging of the wines by saving energy, as no air-conditioning system is used in the room.