In order for a team to thrive a common vision is vital.
This is exactly what our team in Hatzidakis winery shares that inspired our work during the Harvest of 2020 with jubilance, faith and confidence.
However, nothing would have been possible without the help of the rest of our family, our viticulturists.
My siblings Antonis, Ariadne and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of our heart for the exemplary collaboration.

Stella Hatzidaki

The growing season progressed with mild temperatures. The lowest average daily temperatures during this period were recorded in the months of January to February with an average of 13 ° C.
Precipitation during this period reached 550 mm with greater intensity during November up to March. Bud burst began in late February and lasted until the end of March, accompanied by strong winds with an average speed of 13 km / hr.
Flowering occurred in May and it was accompanied by high temperatures compared with the usual ones and intense humidity.
Temperatures in the months of June and July ranged to normal levels with an average reported temperature of 25 ° C. As a result, fruit ripened gradually and smoothly something that led to the same harvest date as in 2019 vintage. Consequently, the yield returned to normal levels for the island, 4.000-5.000 kg per hectare. The largest quantity of grapes for Hatzidakis Winery was harvested from August the 11th to September the 3rd.
It is worth mentioning that the weight of berries as well as their volume were considerably increased. Something that led to larger quantities of must compared to the last few harvests, something which did not affect without the concentration and typicity of Assyrtiko.

Stella Papadimitriou / Chief Oenologist-Agronomist
Marietta Samara / Oenologist