Hatzidakis Winery has welcomed today, Wednesday 14th of February 2018, the cutest visitors of all!

The amazing pupils of the 4th and 5th grade of Messaria’s  Primary School have had their field trip on our winery. Our premises were all at once filled with children’s cheerful voices and our hearts with hope and joy!

Congratulations to the Municipality of Thira for organizing for one more year these educational excursions to the Wineries for the children of the Primary Schools of Santorini and Thirassia under the subject "The Vineyards of Santorini" in cooperation with the Oenologists and Agronomists of the island. This year's seminar is supported by EDOAO with the suggestion that it should be applied in more regions of Greece.

Children are the future of our country. It is important to fully comprehend the "wealth" of the area where they live and grow up. It is through visits to vineyards and wineries that they will discover the uniqueness of the vineyard of Santorini! And we are sure that after many years they will have grown to be the adults that they will preserve it and develop it.