Santorini Skitali Vintage 2016, Assyrtiko 100%, 12 months on the lees

The moment you take the baton, you hold it with every ounce of strength that is left, trying to reach the finishing line with your head held up high…

Summer 2017, the greatest loss of our lives, that of our father.

Santorini 2016, harvest, weariness, embraces, tension, hard work, sleepless nights over the presses, love, rage, smiles, conversations, instructions, tears, selection, persistence and tight hugs with our father…

Santorini 2016. A tank waiting patiently for its turn but August 11th came first. 

Skitali-Santorini Vintage 2016. Twelve months on the wine lees.

You keep on inspiring and guiding us to continue your vision even from up above… for us it is a goal that’s become a way of life.

Stella - Antonis - Ariadne

The label of Santorini Skitali is a sketch of Stella Hatzidaki 

Our team:
Stella Hatzidaki
Helena Alevra - Oenologist
Stella Papadimitriou - Oenologist-Αgronomist
Maria Galaiou - Food Technologist
Marietta Samara - Oenologist
Andreas Roussos - Agricultural Technologist
Sampson Fitros – IT Director
Kimi Riza
Antonis Hatzidakis
Ariadne Hatzidakis

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