In the wake of this year's harvest, my siblings, Antonis, Ariadne and I would like to wholeheartedly thank Santorini wine growers, “our own people”, who for one more year, honored us and gave us the strength to continue.

Thank you for trusting your grapes to us. A million thanks definitely go to several people who worked very hard without missing a smile or a good joke. They have fought passionately and are responsible for the
successful completion of the harvest! I'm referring of course to our partners, the members of the Hatzidakis Winery team, or better yet, our extended family!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Stella Hatzidaki

Harvest 2019:
The growing season was temperate.
The lowest average daily temperatures during this time were recorded during the months of January to February and ranged at 11 ° C.
Precipitation during the growing season reached 500 mm with higher intensity during the months of January to March.
Bud burst occurred in mid-March since towards the end of the same month we had strong winds, the result of which was a decrease in production.
The strongest winds of the year were blowing on the island during the months of February and March, with an average speed of 15 km/hr.
During the months before the expected start of the harvest (June-July), temperatures were at normal levels for the season.
The average reported temperature for this two-months period was 25 to 26 °C.
This resulted in a smooth ripening of the fruit which was harvested 15 days later than last year.
The main yield for Hatzidakis Winery was harvested from 10th to 31st of August.
It is worth mentioning that the fruit maintained high total acidity in accordance with its excellent phenolic maturation.

Stella Papadimitriou / Chief Oenologist - Agronomist
Marietta Samara / Oenologist